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Kotlin 1.8 - Easier Copying and Deleting of Files

·5 mins

I think most Java developers (and Kotlin JVM developers by proxy) have for a long time lamented the absence of a really simple “copy directory” or “delete directory” API. It seems, at the surface, such a simple thing. Of course there are edge-cases that exist that have prevented the existence of a “one-line” API in the JDK. Kotlin 1.8 ships with some new easy-to-use APIs for just this, with tools to handle the uglier edge-cases built right in. Let’s take a look!

Values, Records, and Primitives (Oh My!) - Kotlin & Java's 'Valuable' Future

·24 mins

A couple years ago, I did a semi-deep-dive on Kotlin Inline Classes and how they were implemented. Kotlin 1.5 was just released, and with it came the evolution of inline classes into the start of value classes. Meanwhile, Kotlin 1.5 also now supports JVM Records, which at first read might sound like a very similar concept. Finally, with JEP-401 Java is going to bring “primitive classes” which also sounds like a very similar concept. This can sound all very confusing, so let’s take a look!

Jeep JK Wrangler Code P0571: Brake Switch Fix

·4 mins

At the start of the year, my Jeep began reporting a failure in the traction control system, as well as eventually starting to throw a P0571 check-engine ODB-II code. This post describes what I discovered as the root cause, and what could easily be your issue if you have had similar symptoms.

Snap Applications Missing in Linux with ZSH

·2 mins

I’m a regular ZSH user, and overall it works just fine as a replacement of BASH. However, recently I kept having trouble with my personal workstation losing track of my SNAP-installeed applications (in particular the Atom Editor) while running KDE Neon. Thankfully, I’m not the only one that had this problem, and there is a straightforward (and in hindsight obvious) fix.