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A Good Week for Linux, Java, and Framework Laptops

·5 mins

I’ve been a Java developer for 25 years, a Framework laptop user for the last 2.5 years, and I’ve been using Linux as my primary operating system for over 10 years. This has been a very encouraging week for people in a similar space as myself.

Proposed for Java 23: Markdown Javadoc Support

·3 mins

An interesting JEP is in-progress currently on OpenJDK to target Java 23: Markdown Comments. Markdown support would enable Javadocs to generate HTML through the use of embedded Markdown, rather than through the historically supported HTML+@tag support of the Javadoc tool today.

Why Project Wakefield Matters

·9 mins

Project Wakefield is the effort to build support for the Wayland display server in the JDK, allowing Java-based desktop apps to be native Wayland clients. This project has moved from an interesting effort with some momentum, to a far more important project than ever before.

Java Scoped Values: Better ThreadLocals

·15 mins

Largely motivated by Virtual Threads, a new lightweight thread-local alternative has been introduced with the incubation JEP-429 called ScopedValues. ScopedValue is purpose-built to provide a lighter-weight alternative to ThreadLocal that works well with virtual threads and also solves multiple API shortcomings of the twenty-five year old counterpart. This article will dive in to how ScopedValue is different, and how it is made faster under the covers.

Repairing a Very Corrupt Nix Store

·4 mins

Recently I moved all of my personal setups to NixOS, from my Framework laptop, my gaming desktop, and my work MacOS setup. However, my laptop recently was no longer able to rebuild or re-apply, due to weird Nix errors.