Why Aren't You Using Fish and Oh-My-Fish?

About three years ago, I asked the question Using OSX? Why Aren’t You Using iTerm, ZSH, and Prezto?. In that article I highly suggested a combination of tools to help with development workflows on OSX (though, most of this is equally relevant that those of us that use Linux as well). Today I’m revising this article with a look towards Fish shell instead. Let’s take a look.

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Using OSX? Why Aren't You Using iTerm, ZSH, and Prezto?

Most developers I run into today (as well as most dev shops) are using Macbooks as their development platform of choice. However, I’ve been surprised how many are using defaults. Notably:

  • Bash
  • Minimal/No Prompt Customization
  • Standard OSX terminal

There’s an opportunity to massively improve your terminal experience with a few steps.

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