I show how with some Jekyll plugin work you can create full fledged category and tag homepages for your site in Jekyll

I previously showed how you could build an article series list with Jekyll using Liquid. This time I use a custom Liquid tag instead of a Liquid script-let.

I show how, with Jekyll and Liquid and some clever-ness, you can build a dynamic article series list for sites.

Spark is a new micro-application-server for Java that models itself after Ruby's Sinatra library. While it's still Java, it shows that minimalism is possible with this crufty old language.

I walk through the type inferencing engine in the new JVM language: Mirah

A lightning fast walkthrough of using the Sinatra micro-web-framework with JRuby as the platform.

I recently did some contributor work with JRuby focusing on performance problems. Here's the story.

The JRuby guys have some details on what they are planning for JRuby 1.4

I show off a lesser known feature of Ruby objects: Instance Methods

I show how you can use Java libraries in your Ruby application for the betterment of your sanity.