I walk through the type inferencing engine in the new JVM language: Mirah

A lightning fast walkthrough of using the Sinatra micro-web-framework with JRuby as the platform.

Part Four in my "Distilling JRuby" series talks about the techniques for generating frames and backtraces.

I recently did some contributor work with JRuby focusing on performance problems. Here's the story.

Part Three in my "Distilling JRuby" series talks about a key figure in the performance of JRuby: The JIT Compiler

Part Two in my "Distilling JRuby" series talks about how variable scope is tracked inside the JRuby runtime.

The JRuby guys have some details on what they are planning for JRuby 1.4

Part One in my "Distilling JRuby" series covers the "basics" in method to method dispatching in JRuby

The JRuby team shares an exciting announcement about a conference dedicated to JRuby.

I show how you can use Java libraries in your Ruby application for the betterment of your sanity.