Java 8 now has some functional concepts. How functional can it really get, though?

Java 8 introduces lambdas, but it also introduces method references which are a very handy syntax for producing lambdas off of objects and classes. I walk through the various types here.

Java supports throwing exceptions of a generic type, but it is rarely a useful trick. With Java 8, that is changing.

Setting up bi-directional relationships in Google App Engine efficiently can be tricky. I show you an efficient approach here.

When using Objectify on Google App Engine, sometimes you want to introduce polymorphism after the fact. This entry shows how you can do that.

Java 8 will start complaining about the use of an underscore by itself as a variable name.

Doug Lea has proposed to promote memory fencing mechanics into implementation APIs in Java. I cover what this means.

Accessing JMX interfaces has been phenomenally difficult over the years due to some limitations. With recent Java 7 builds, that is a thing of the past.

Another batch of concurrency utilities is in the pipeline for Java as JEP-155. This is part one of a short summary of what is planned.

A new enhancement proposal is in for Java that describes creating value objects, allowing the JVM to treat complex objects as primitives.