I show how with some Jekyll plugin work you can create full fledged category and tag homepages for your site in Jekyll

I previously showed how you could build an article series list with Jekyll using Liquid. This time I use a custom Liquid tag instead of a Liquid script-let.

I show how, with Jekyll and Liquid and some clever-ness, you can build a dynamic article series list for sites.

A review of the new "Apache Wicket Cookbook": A collection of code solutions for a variety of problems in Apache Wicket.

I walk through the type inferencing engine in the new JVM language: Mirah

Part Four in my "Distilling JRuby" series talks about the techniques for generating frames and backtraces.

I recently did some contributor work with JRuby focusing on performance problems. Here's the story.

Part Three in my "Distilling JRuby" series talks about a key figure in the performance of JRuby: The JIT Compiler

I show how to develop your own functional MBeans for managing and monitoring your application.

Part Two in my "Distilling JRuby" series talks about how variable scope is tracked inside the JRuby runtime.