If you, like me, decided to install and use the newly minted Luna release of Elementary OS, then you’ll want to get the most out of the various features, and begin feeling comfortable right away.

First, I would point you over to the folks at elementaryupdate.com as their site is full of Elementary-specific news and goodies. Among other things, they have a number of apps and themes available via PPA to help improve your Elementary experience.

However, out of the mass of available information there, be sure to check out Elementary Tweaks. This is a tool that surfaces configuration UIs for a number of customization points. For those of you that have run Ubuntu, this is a very similar app to Ubuntu Tweak, and in fact does many of the same things. The big distinction is that this is written as an Elementary plugin, and so it shows up directly in the System Settings for Elementary:

Here are some of the things this enables you to do: * Change your Window decorations, GTK theme, and icon theme. * Change the default fonts. * Adjust or disable the animations and drop shadows. * Add application-specific shortcuts. * Change titlebar and scrollbar behavior. * Change application properties for a variety of built-in applications like the Plank dock, the file viewer, and the terminal.

The last feature was the decider for me, as the default terminal settings are mostly OK, but I generally prefer an opaque backdrop and a custom font. Unlike the standard Gnome terminal, there simply is no configuration panel for the terminal out of the box in Luna, so this was a must for me.

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