Today, Valve released the Steam for Linux beta client (more, and more) to 1000 lucky testers. It’s an exciting official event (I discussed this previously), and while the supported game list is still quite small, there is no surprise that nearly all of the humble indie bundle games that went to Linux are also available on Steam.

On another note, while there is a certain bit of “layman” reporting in this, I thought this was a surprising report from the Register on Nvidia releasing ‘double-speed’ drivers. Engadget has a more technical walkthrough as well.

It was only a couple of months ago that Linus gave Nvidia the finger, and there is good reason for that - so as an Nvidia card owner, I’m glad to see that Valve has encouraged to consume a large in-flow of patches and contributions to help them make their Linux offering less horrible.

In reality, the drivers they are releasing only fix performance for a few cards and likely for specific problems found from the Source engine, but even still, a little traction can go a long way. There have been a lot of announcements of potential Linux support recently between Valve, Unity3d for Linux (which is used aggressively in the indie space), Star Citizen by Chris Roberts (ala Wing Commander), and of course Humble Indie Bundle, things are starting to finally look up for Linux gamers!

In closing, here is Linus giving his sign language to Nvidia:

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